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Perceptive, resourceful and driven multi-lingual professional offering expertise from all facets of the sales process. Recognized leader with a track record of sales achievement, marketing campaigns, business development and client relationship management. A creative thinker known for the ability to tailor appropriate products to meet customer needs. Appreciated for ability to build, motivate and sustain high-performance teams. Interacts well with all levels of the organization and thrives in a fast-paced environment of ongoing change. Establishes plans, goals, and processes to assure that strategies are competitive, effective and protective of long-term success.
Las competencias básicas:

  • Direct & Consultative Sales
  • Long-Term & Tactical Planning
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention
  • Marketing y Promociones
  • Territory/Key Account Management
  • Needs Analysis
  • New Business Acquisition
  • Detallando Administrativo y Reportes
  • Revenue Generation & Cost Reduction
  • Partnerships & Strategic Alliances
  • Trade Shows & Public Relations
  • English, French & Italian Fluency


Representante de ventas 2005 - Presente

CTS Food Brokers, Montréal, Québec
Retained by this food broker to deliver front-line account management within the city and outlying areas. Leverages consultative sales methodologies to sell deli products and select cheeses from around the world. Interfaces with owners and purchasing managers to nurture existing accounts and to form new relationships for extended territorial coverage. Represents company in a public relations capacity at trade shows.

  • Seamlessly devises and customizes long-term, exclusive client programs, thus staving off any competition. Employs strategic questioning and listening to meet full requirements and options.
  • Fulfills all administrative functions like expense reports/quotes. Quickly responds to phone calls and emails.
  • When brought on board, started with $7K in weekly sales. Currently generating $17K every week. Continued by increasing product volume with most of client base by 25-30%.
  • Created a company catalogue, a first in the operation’s 18 year history. Efforts rewarded with $40K in sales within the first week of print.
  • Accepted responsibility for another Sales Representative’s route, capturing an additional 30-45% in sales.
  • Recognized the value in creating a customer call sheet to log all transactions and sales records. Relayed benefits to colleagues and helped them transition to this better system.

Toro Enterprise, Montréal, Québec
Capitalized on the opportunity to tap into both the food service and apparel markets. Approached by VP of Sales and Purchasing to have sole distribution status for an Italian importer, Verona Importing. In tandem, served as the wholesale and retail distribution channel for manufactured goods originating from China, Toro Distribution. Again, hand picked by an investor seeking an experienced, articulate professional with entrepreneurial insight and customer service excellence to drive sales for men’s and ladies apparel and accessories.

  • Innovatively offered the goods on a consignment basis to align with clients’ zero risk factor, which made a positive impact on promoting the company.
  • Judiciously monitored product quality control, ensuring total customer satisfaction.
  • Earned annual sales growth of +200% for Toro. Gained a 300% expanded territory/client base within the first year for Verona .
  • Innovatively offered the goods on a consignment basis to align with clients’ zero risk factor, which made a positive impact on promoting the company.
  • Judiciously monitored product quality control, ensuring total customer satisfaction.
  • Earned annual sales growth of +200% for Toro. Gained a 300% expanded territory/client base within the first year for Verona.

Club Video Cinemax, Montréal, Québec
Brought on board to oversee the daily operations of three video store locations. Accountable for forecasting and planning both daily and monthly activities. Handled deposits and subsequent record keeping. Structured budgets, scrutinized expenses, and reviewed purchases. Executed the full scope of marketing and advertising needs for all locations.

  • Strategically developed marketing and advertising measures for in-store sales and rental promotions, generating an expanded customer base and higher sales.
  • Sourced, interviewed, retained, trained and provided ongoing support and guidance for a 15-20 member workforce. Retooled scheduling protocols resulting in a more content and alert staff.
  • Well organized and efficient operational approach paved the way for concurrent management of all three locations.


MS Word, Excel, Email and Internet Research.


  • Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry.
  • Excellence Award from the C.F.A.Q for Outstanding Demonstration During a Sales Skills Workshop.
  • Appointed Number One ranking in multiple results-based sales contests such as US trips, electronic equipment, concerts and sporting events.


  • Metal Surface Preparation - Aerospace (2001) - Centre de Formation Professionnelle Émile-Legault, Montréal.
  • Electrical Construction& Maintenance D.E.P. Vocational Diplomas (1988) - Aviron Technical Institute, Montréal.
  • Social Sciences Studies (1987) - Dawson College , Montréal.
  • Sales Certificate (1994) - Centre de Formation d'Automobile du Québec (CFAQ), Montréal
  • Electrical Estimating (1992) - Adult Education, Montréal.

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